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Tobias Messerschmidt


The story of Messerschmidt GmbH is naturally closely intertwined with the journey of Tobias Messerschmidt as its founder and managing director.


After completing his school education, Tobias decided to pursue an apprenticeship as a stonemason and sculptor. He completed this from 1998 to 2001 in Ilshofen. His journeyman's piece earned third place in a state-wide competition.


This achievement spurred him on to continually improve and deepen his acquired skills. After an initial orientation phase in his profession, he set his sights on taking the master craftsman's examination. For this purpose, he attended the master school in Würzburg and Aschaffenburg.


During his time at the master school, he had the privilege of being instructed by Heinz-Leo Weiss. Not only did he acquire the basics for designing unique gravestones, but he also gained valuable insights into interpersonal relationships and the philosophy that the person should always be at the center, especially in the design of memorials. His mandatory master piece 'The Perfect Wave' now adorns the entrance area of the company's premises in Crailsheim. Another artwork, 'The Upswing,' was created as part of a class competition on 'Art and Commerce' during his time at the master school. Winning first prize allowed this sculpture to be realized. It is located on the grounds of a discount store at the intersection of Schönbornstraße and Neue Glattbacher Straße in Aschaffenburg.


Armed with the master craftsman's title and the accompanying opportunity to become self-employed, he took that very step. An old cowshed was converted into a workshop with tremendous effort and the help of friends. The official kick-off for Messerschmidt GmbH took place on June 6, 2006. Initially, the focus was on the production of kitchen countertops. Early business connections were made, primarily for sourcing materials both nationally and internationally. Opportunities in other business fields emerged, gradually shifting the focus to the production of gravestones. It wasn't just about on-site physical exhibitions; a website specifically dedicated to gravestones was also set up. The first significant investment in machinery was likewise geared towards processing raw materials for gravestones.


Gradually, the area next to the former cowshed was used for the display of gravestones and memorials. In addition to the continuous expansion of the company, Tobias Messerschmidt also made personal development a priority. Various individuals and their career paths served as models for his own growth. Notably, the book 'How to Win Friends and Influence People' by Dale Carnegie played an influential role in the company's success. The concept was continually refined to involve the bereaved more in the design process.


In 2012, the decision was made to acquire a plot of land in the newly established Rotebachring, not far from the previous company location. This new site remains the company's headquarters. A production hall with office and exhibition spaces was built on the site. An outdoor exhibition for gravestones was also created, one of the largest in southern Germany. Around the same time, the idea of sourcing materials as locally as possible to meet sustainability goals took shape. With the move, it was also decided to fully specialize in the creation of gravestones.


With the new company location, additional machinery was acquired to ensure comprehensive processing of gravestones in-house. Simultaneously, more features were added to the website to allow customers to get consultations not just in Crailsheim, but also conveniently from home. These features include an online gallery and tools for designing gravestone inscriptions.


Due to increasing demand, the firm expanded its premises in 2017 by purchasing a neighboring plot. The additional space was mainly used to extend storage capacity. To handle the increasing volumes, additional machinery for processing natural stone was acquired. Today, the machinery includes a bridge saw, two surface processing machines, and various wire saws.


In designing gravestones, special attention is given to the wishes of the bereaved. When these are combined with the characteristics of the deceased, a highly individual work of art is created that reflects the individuality of the departed.


In line with ongoing digital advancements, as of 2022, it is possible to 'virtually preview' gravestones using augmented reality (AR). This service allows one to get an idea of what the gravesite will look like before making a decision. The aim of such measures is to continually enhance the customer experience.

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