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Gravestone Inscription

Costs, Options, and Ideas
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The design of the gravestone inscription is an important aspect of memorial design. This article aims to assist you in choosing an inscription that appropriately captures and immortalizes the life of the deceased. We present various design options and discuss possible contents. Additionally, we explain when it is advisable to renew or add to the inscription, how you can design the inscription for your gravestone online, what to consider regarding costs, and whether it makes sense to create the inscription yourself.  

Design Options for Tombstone Inscriptions

Type of Tombstone Inscriptions: Raised or Engraved

The type of tombstone inscriptions can be implemented in various ways. One option is to design the tombstone inscription as a raised relief. The lettering is made from bronze, brass, aluminum, or lead. Bronze letters develop a patina over time, giving them a characteristic look, while stainless steel letters tend to remain colorfast. Raised inscriptions are particularly suitable for flat tombstones or very light or rough tombstones, as the raised metal creates a clear and easily readable contrast.

In the case of engraved inscriptions, the lettering is carved into the stone. Most of the time, the letters and symbols are either sandblasted or chiseled directly into the tombstone. There is also the option of a recessed inscription where the borders of the letters are carved into the stone, leaving the surface of the letters the same color and texture as the rest of the tombstone.

Tombstone Inscription Design Approaches

Our overview shows the various options available for gravestone inscriptions.

Tombstone Inscription Color as a Design Element 

To make engraved inscriptions more legible and durable, the carved letters can be additionally colored. You have various colors at your disposal, which can either be chosen to harmonize with the color of the stone or serve as a contrast. The classic option is to color the tombstone inscription in black, white, gray, or brown tones. This way, the letters are subtly highlighted without being too intrusive.  A more premium option is an inscription in silver or gold. Such coloring makes the inscription shine and gives any tombstone a noble and elegant appearance.  


Font Style for Tombstone Inscriptions 

When it comes to inscribing a tombstone, there is a wide variety of fonts to choose from. The choice of font depends on personal taste but should also match the chosen stone. Each font has its own characteristics and can convey a different mood or message. It is important to choose a font that is easy to read and reflects the character of the deceased.  

Among the most popular and particularly well-suited fonts for tombstone design is the President font. It is easy to read and simultaneously reminiscent of a handwritten message. This lends every tombstone a clear yet personal effect, characterized by classic elegance.  

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Contents of the Tombstone Inscription 

To find a suitable content for the tombstone inscription, consider what information you want to immortalize on the tombstone. Generally, the name of the deceased along with their birth and death dates are provided. Additionally, other information like nicknames, occupation, or special passions can be included. Many people also choose to add a personal quote, a religious saying or a message on the stone. Symbols can also be used to give the tombstone a personal touch.  


Restricted Texts and Symbols 

When selecting texts or symbols for the tombstone, it’s important to be aware of restrictions that may apply to cemetery regulations. It’s also advisable to read the specific cemetery regulations. Cemeteries under church administration often have limitations on certain symbols and content. Generally, offensive language, vulgar expressions, and racist or sexist symbols are not allowed. 


Examples of Tombstone Inscriptions  

A phrase on the tombstone can be a good way to capture the personality of the deceased and make the grave marker unique. There are numerous types of phrases that can be considered for the tombstone inscription. They should be selected based on the personal preferences and beliefs of the deceased.  


Christian Sayings 

Christian sayings are taken from the Bible or other Christian sources and relate to faith and the hope of life after death.  

 For example:  

'The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want'  

'I am the resurrection and the life' 


Classical Sayings 

Classical sayings have a historical background and have been used on tombstones for generations. They are usually short and poignant, often relating to the faith in life after death or offering comfort to the bereaved.  

For example:  

'Rest in peace' 

'In memory of a beloved person' 


Personal Sayings and Descriptive Phrases 

These types of sayings are very individualized and can be derived from quotes, poems, or personal messages. They describe the personality, life, and experiences of the deceased and can include favorite quotes, poems, or self-written texts. 

For example:  

'He loved life and lived it to the fullest'  

'In love and gratitude for a wonderful mother and grandmother.'


Inspirational Sayings 

Inspirational sayings are meant to encourage readers or inspire them to live their lives in a certain way. They can be motivational quotes or life wisdom.  

For example:  

'Live every day as if it were your last.' 

'Be the change that you wish to see in the world.' 


Humorous Sayings 

Although tombstones are typically solemn, some people choose to reflect their personality with a humorous saying. 

For example:  

'I knew this would happen, but it was faster than expected.' 

Here you can find many more examples to choose the perfect quote for you:  

'Preserved in our hearts with love and gratitude.' 

'A life full of joy, love, and success.' 

'In our hearts, you live on because we'll never forget you.' 

'A life full of love and devotion.' 

'Resting in God's hands.' 

'A life full of adventures and unforgettable moments.' 

'Eternally alive in our hearts.' 

'A light that shines forever.' 

'A smile, a hug, an unforgettable memory.' 

'A heart full of love that beats forever.' 

'Part of our past, part of our future.' 

'Our beloved [Name], always in our thoughts and hearts.' 

'A life full of knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration.' 

'An angel on Earth, now in Heaven.' 

'Unforgettable memories that live on forever.' 

'A life full of friendship, smiles, and laughter.' 

'A grand life in a short time.' 

'A life full of music, color, and art.' 

'A life dedicated to serving others.' 

'A life full of bravery and strength.' 

'A life full of warmth, light, and love.' 

'A life full of adventures and discoveries.' 

'A life that touched so many.' 

'A light that never goes out.' 

'A life full of learning, growth, and progress.' 

'A life full of wonders, knowledge, and awe.' 

'A life that gave so much.' 

'A life that gave us so much.' 

'A life full of joy and happiness for all who knew it.' 

'A life of inspiration and example.' 

'A life full of courage, bravery, and integrity.' 

'A life that lives on forever in our hearts.' 

'A life full of beauty, sound, and poetry.' 

'A life full of warmth, kindness, and compassion.' 

'A life full of energy, enthusiasm, and passion.' 

'A life full of hope, dreams, and visions.' 

'A life full of peace, happiness, and contentment.' 

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Renew or Supplement Gravestone Inscription 

Sun, rain, and snow can cause the colors of gravestone inscriptions to fade over time. In such cases, it may be necessary to touch up the lettering. Only suitable paints should be used for such touch-ups, which should be weatherproof and UV-resistant. Additionally, color tones need to be mixed as required to ensure a precise match to the original inscription.  

If someone is to be interred in an existing grave, such as a double grave or family plot, it might be necessary to supplement the inscription on the already existing gravestone. To achieve a harmonious overall appearance, make sure that the font and size of the new inscription are similar to those of the existing inscription.  


DIY Gravestone Inscription 

Though it is theoretically possible to apply a gravestone inscription yourself, we advise against it. Professional sculptors and stone masons have the necessary knowledge, tools, and skills to ensure that the inscription is applied accurately and remains durable. If you attempt to do it yourself, you run the risk of making errors that are difficult and costly to correct later on. 


Online Gravestone Inscription 

Our website features an online editor that can assist you in designing your gravestone inscription. You can choose from numerous fonts, colors, symbols, and stones and combine them freely. Our 3D visualization tool provides a realistic preview of the final product.  


Costs of Gravestone Inscription 

The cost of gravestone inscriptions varies depending on the type and extent of the inscription. Generally, simple fonts are billed as a flat rate, whereas more complex fonts are charged individually. The type of inscription, whether engraving or using metal letters, is also a significant factor in the pricing. Our Gravestone Cost Calculator can give you an initial estimate of how much your gravestone with inscription might cost.



When it comes to gravestone inscriptions, there are numerous options available to honor the deceased. You can choose between engraved or applied lettering, opt for a color filling of the engraving, and select from a variety of fonts and sizes. A wide range of texts, quotes, and symbols are available to express the personality of the departed, but it is essential to ensure that the content complies with local regulations.  

When a gravestone inscription is exposed to elements for a long time, it may be necessary to refresh the color. For this task, it is best to contact a professional stone mason. This also applies to any additions to the gravestone, such as when someone is interred in a family or double grave with an existing gravestone. We advise against attempting to inscribe the gravestone yourself, as this requires specialized tools and skills and can result in unpleasant and costly errors. 

To get a better idea of what your inscription will look like, you can design it online using our 3D editor. The cost of the inscription depends on the type and extent of the inscription as well as the technique you choose for the design.   

There are many factors to consider when designing a gravestone inscription. Take the necessary time to create a fitting and durable tribute for you and the deceased. 

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