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Headstones for Lawn Graves

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A lawn grave is a special type of earth grave. Since the tombstone is surrounded by grass, a lawn gravestone or meadow gravestone has a unique role.

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What is a Meadow or Lawn Grave?

A meadow or lawn grave is a type of burial site where grass is planted on the grave after the burial. The cemetery takes care of the lawn maintenance, so the relatives do not have to worry about maintaining the grave.

Meadow or lawn graves are typically part of what are known as row graves in most cemeteries. But what exactly are row graves? In English-speaking countries, cemeteries usually differentiate between private plots and row graves. Private plots, as the name suggests, are graves whose location you can choose. These plots can be extended after the resting period and can remain in family ownership for several decades. Row graves are assigned by the cemetery administration in a sequential manner, and the usage period cannot be extended.

Are Lawn Graves Available at Every Cemetery?

Depending on the cemetery, a lawn grave might also be referred to as an anonymous grave. These are unmarked urn graves that are placed into the ground and covered only by grass. It's best to check with your cemetery administration beforehand to understand what types of lawn graves are offered at that specific cemetery.


What Kind of Headstones Can I Place on Lawn Graves?

While individual customization with plants and other decorations is usually not possible for lawn graves, there is generally the option to adorn and personalize the grave with a headstone or a grave marker. 

You can design this headstone quite individually. We offer a wide selection and various ideas for you to choose from. 

Some cemeteries only allow the placement of a grave marker or a flat stone. For example, a headstone in the form of what is known as a pillow stone might be allowed. This special type of headstone is placed on the grave and can be designed in a very unique manner. 

Designing a Lawn Grave: Your Options

Traditional grave design with planting and flowers is not possible in this case. Typically, even wreaths or flower bowls are prohibited because the lawn is regularly mowed and the decorations would hinder the mowing work.

However, you do have options to adorn a meadow grave or lawn grave. For example, you can scatter flower petals around the grave marker. Keep in mind that they will be removed after mowing. Additionally, you can sow seeds for daisies or wildflowers. These flowers will regrow after mowing.

Of course, you can also attach flowers directly to the grave marker—some headstones have specific fixtures for this purpose.

If you use a flat grave marker, you can place figurines, grave lights, or arrangements according to your taste. Ensure that everything is placed solely on the stone and not on the grass.

Do Lawn Graves Require Maintenance?

You do not need to maintain a lawn grave. The cemetery administration handles the mowing of the lawn. This type of grave is particularly suitable if you have little time for maintenance or live far from the cemetery.

How Long Does a Lawn Grave Last?

Typically, a resting period of 20 to 25 years is required. Depending on the cemetery administration, this period can be extended upon request.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Lawn Graves?

Lawn graves offer several advantages and disadvantages. Consider which ones matter most to you.


Pros of Lawn Graves

  • They require no grave maintenance - if you are unable to manage upkeep for any reason, this type of grave can be beneficial for you.

  • As with all aspects of life, budget is a consideration: Lawn graves are more affordable than traditional burial plots.

  • Lawn graves have a natural aesthetic due to their integration within the grass and greenery - this might resonate well with the deceased’s preferences.


Cons of Lawn Graves

  • You have limited options for personalized grave design.

  • Lawn graves always appear somewhat more anonymous compared to elaborately decorated traditional graves.

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What Does a Lawn Grave Actually Cost?

The cost of a headstone depends entirely on your preferences and wishes and varies greatly in terms of material, craftsmanship, and size. The ongoing costs for maintenance and grave decorations are minimal due to the nature of lawn graves. Therefore, a lawn grave is usually more affordable than a traditional row grave.



Lawn or meadow graves are definitely a matter of personal taste. However, more and more people are choosing them, often for practical reasons: if there are no surviving relatives or if they live far away, opting for such a grave might be worth considering.

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