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Headstone Engraving

Variants, Costs, and Inspirations

The gravestone engraving is a significant aspect of memorial design that captures and immortalizes the personality and life of the deceased. In this article, we aim to help you find a suitable inscription and present various design options. We also discuss which content is appropriate for the engraving and when it might be advisable to renew or supplement it. Additionally, you will learn how to design the inscription online and the associated costs. We also provide tips on whether it is advisable to create the engraving yourself.


Design Options for Gravestone Engravings

Type of Gravestone Engraving: Applied or Incorporated

There are various ways to design an engraving on a gravestone. One option is to apply the letters as a relief. Here, the letters are made from materials like bronze, brass, aluminum, or lead. Bronze letters develop a typical patina over time, while stainless steel letters retain their color more consistently. This type of engraving is particularly suitable for flat or light-colored gravestones, as the applied metal creates a distinct contrast.

Alternatively, the letters can be engraved or chiselled into the stone. An embossed engraving is also possible, where only the outlines of the letters are carved into the stone. The color and surface of the letters remain the same as the rest of the gravestone.


Color Design for Gravestone Engravings

To improve the legibility and durability of recessed inscriptions on gravestones, they can be colored. Various colors are available that can either harmonize with the stone or be used as a contrast. A classic option is to color the engraving in black, white, gray, or brown. This subtly highlights the letters without being obtrusive. A more upscale variant is the use of silver or gold, which makes the inscription shine and gives any gravestone an elegant effect.


Fonts for Gravestone Engravings

There is a wide range of fonts to choose from for gravestone inscriptions. The choice of font depends on personal preference and should also match the chosen stone. Each font has its own characteristics and can convey a different mood or message. It is essential to choose a font that is easily readable and reflects the character of the deceased.

A particularly popular and suitable font for gravestone engravings is the President font. It is easily readable and reminiscent of a handwritten message. This gives each gravestone a clear but personal effect and stands out with its classic elegance.


Content of the Gravestone Engraving

To find a suitable engraving for the gravestone, you should first consider what information you want to immortalize on the stone. Typically, the name of the deceased, as well as their birth and death dates, are included. However, additional details like nicknames, profession, or special passions can also be commemorated on the gravestone. Many people also choose a personal quote, a religious saying, or a message to give the memorial a personal touch. Symbols can also be used to underscore the personality of the deceased.


Forbidden Texts and Symbols

However, when selecting texts and symbols, you should ensure that certain contents are not allowed in cemeteries. It is advisable to review the cemetery regulations in advance, especially for church cemeteries. Insulting words, vulgar expressions, and racist or sexist symbols are generally prohibited.


Examples of Gravestone Engravings

A personal saying can give the gravestone special meaning and capture the personality of the deceased. There are numerous ways to find a suitable saying that contributes to the design of the gravestone engraving. They should be chosen based on the personal preference and beliefs of the deceased.


Renewing Gravestone Engravings

Over time, the engraving on a gravestone can fade due to weather influences such as sun, rain, and snow. In this case, it may be necessary to renew or touch up the engraving. Only weatherproof and UV-resistant colors should be used to achieve long-lasting results. Additionally, it is important to mix the color tones individually to ensure a perfect match with the original engraving.

If another person is to be buried in an existing grave, it may be necessary to supplement the engraving on the existing gravestone. It is crucial that the font and size of the new engraving harmonize with the existing one to create an aesthetically pleasing overall appearance.


Online Gravestone Engraving

On our website, you can use our online editor to design your gravestone engraving individually. Choose from a wide selection of fonts, symbols, colors, and stones, and combine them according to your wishes. Our 3D visualization gives you a realistic idea of the final result.


Costs for Gravestone Engraving

The costs for a gravestone engraving vary depending on the type and scope of the engraving. Generally, simple fonts are charged as a flat rate, while more complex fonts are billed individually. The size of the gravestone and the type of engraving are also important factors in pricing.

Our gravestone engraving cost calculator gives you an approximate idea of how much your gravestone with engraving might cost.



Designing a gravestone engraving offers numerous ways to create a unique memorial for the deceased. Whether engraved or applied letters, various fonts and sizes, or the coloring of the engraving—the decision is yours. You can also choose from a variety of texts, sayings, and symbols to give the gravestone a personal touch. It is important, however, that the content complies with local regulations.

To ensure that the engraving remains durable over time, we recommend refreshing the color if necessary or having additions made by a professional stonemason. Inscribing the gravestone yourself should be avoided, as this requires special tools and skills and can lead to mistakes.

With our 3D editor, you can get an idea of how your gravestone engraving will look. The costs depend on the type and scope of the engraving and the technique used.

Designing a gravestone engraving requires time and care. Take the time needed to create an appropriate and lasting memorial that honors the deceased.

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